Whether it’s a replacement part (tiller, deck boards, etc), a full hull fit out, or even repairs to existing boat wood work, we can cater for all your needs.

We only use well-seasoned timber, such as Iroko, Saple etc and Llyds approved adhesives.

We can carry out works both on site and at our workshops, which include secure and covered storage.

Our main customer to date is Anglia Yatch Brokerage, of Bury St. Edmonds. They produce several boats, the Haybridge Roach and Deben Lugger are just two. Their most popular boat they produce, for which we carry out a full hull fit out, is the 18’ Deben Lugger, (pictured), this boat, which is their own design, is a traditional lug rig day boat.

We also carry out repairs and replacement parts for other craft for AYB, which we have done for over 4 years.

Please call us to discuss your exact requirements.